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Russia captured Mariupol's photos taken by satellite, revealing war horror from satellite photo

The war between Russia and Ukraine began on February 24. Russia claims to have captured the important Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

Russia has been accused of killing locals in Mariupol. A photo released by Maxer shows the horrors of the war. Russia will know in the coming days what Ukraine's response is. The fight started with the NATO issue.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has claimed control of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol. The United States has said that Russian forces have not yet been able to take complete control of Mariupol. Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials have provided information on a location outside the city of Mariupol. Russia has built 200 mass cemeteries there. The cemetery is visible in the satellite photo. Locals say Russia has killed 9,000 civilians since taking control of Mariupol. Citizens have also said that he was buried in that cemetery.

Satellite Pic of maas grave in Mariupol

Satellite photos released by Maxer show 200 mass graves. Macron said a grave was dug at the site in March. Mariupol Mayor Vadayam Boychenko says the Russian military is trying to cover up its war crimes. Boychenko's colleague Petro reported that those killed in Mariupol had been buried in Macintosh.

Petro has dug a 100-foot-long tomb in Manhush by Russian troops. Manhush is 19 km from Mariupol. The people's bodies were dumped from the truck and into the graves, Petro claimed. "This is evidence of war crimes committed by Russia," he said.

Ukrainian officials have claimed that 20,000 civilians were killed in attacks by Russian forces in Mariupol. Ukrainian officials said that the dead included children, women, and the elderly. Ukraine estimates that there are still 100,000 people in Mariupol. Russia has ordered the closure of the Azovastel Steel Company in Mariupol. Russia suspects that Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are stationed at the Azovastal Company. The company was likely to be attacked by Russia.

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