Russia bans entry of British media

Russia has barred many British media and defense personnel from entering Russia. All have been accused of spreading false information about Russia in the Ukraine war. Russia's Foreign Ministry made the announcement today. According to a statement issued by the Foreign Office, 29 journalists and commentators in the British media have been barred from entering Russia for misrepresenting Russia's actions in Ukraine.

The statement claimed that British journalists had created a false image of Russia among British citizens through false and one-sided coverage. Those barred representatives from the BBC, The Times, and The Guardian. In addition, 20 people from Britain's defense sector have been barred from entering Russia. These individuals include the Chief of Naval Staff, the Deputy Minister of Defense, and the heads of companies manufacturing defense equipment.

Russian occupation of Svirodonetsk After months of fighting, Russian forces have taken control of much of the eastern Ukrainian city of Svirodonetsk. In some places, Ukrainian troops are still resisting. Many citizens are stuck in the Azot chemical project in this city. Russia is bombing the project. War is the cause of rising food prices in the war-torn world market.

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