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Russia backed by China over Ukraine crisis

Recently Russia is backed by china in its NATO showdown over Ukraine, as Beijing opposes the inclusion of a new member in the US-led NATO military alliance. The demand was made for NATO to stop the inclusion of new members, after a meeting held between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. During their meet, Moscow and Beijing blatantly cited the activity of Washington as a “destabilizing role in global security”.

Both the parties opposed the inclusion of a new member in NATO and acknowledged that the North Atlantic Alliances should abandon their Cold war era’s ideological approaches.

Furthermore, the two parties claimed that the inclusion of a new member in NATO can jolt the “Sovereignty, security and interests of other countries”. These claims made by Moscow and Beijing echoed at the centre of weeks, amid the profound tension and negotiation between Moscow and the west.

On the other hand, the western countries have accused Russia of installing whopping numbers of soldiers on Ukraine frontline, to invade Ukraine. Amid these accusations Russia has emblazoned a contrasting response claiming that “Russia has no such plans of invading Ukraine”.

Besides denying all the accusations Moscow and Beijing in a document released on Friday criticized Washington’s “unsought negative consequences on peace and stability” in the Asia-Pacific region.

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