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Roberta Metsola: Elected as the youngest President of EU Parliament

Roberta Metsola is the first woman in 20 years and also the youngest candidate to be elected as the President of the EU Parliament. The 43-year-old Maltese National was elected as the President of EU Parliament last week after the demise of David Sassoli at the age of 65. She is one among the three women in EU jobs along with the heads of the central bank and the European Commission.

Ms Metsola exhibits a record of being anti-abortion but has claimed herself to be pro-LGBT right. Moreover, she has been criticized for her voting records on the issue of women’s reproductive rights. She has been criticized for her action in joining the Maltese MEPs in 2015 claiming that they were “sternly against abortion”

Malta is a catholic country and the only EU member state to exhort a complete abortion ban. However, the Maltese national, Ms. Metsola has acknowledged that “ My position is that of the EU parliament” and insisted on representing the views of the European parliament on sexual and reproductive health, rather than her own.

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