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Recognize the danger of Monkeypox in time; if you neglect it like Corona

The risk of coronary heart disease was not recognized in time, resulting in many deaths. The same thing applies to urgency in the medical field.

Scholars' opinion not to talk about 'Monkey Pox' like Corona

Symptoms of monkeypox mainly affect the limbs and neck. A medical examination should be done to see any signs of this disease. Monkeypox patients will not be registered by checking whether there is only fever at the airport. The disease has not yet hit the country, so do not be ignorant. Every patient coming from abroad should be medically examined accordingly, advises Dr God has given Giladia.

Health centres that treat infectious diseases and dermatologists should also be consulted. The symptoms of monkeypox are visible. Swelling around the neck, as well as ulcers on the limbs, are evident. The symptoms of this disease should also be noted. There is a need to study the evolution of the coronavirus, its symptoms and its causes.

Microbiology practitioner Dr Madhav Sathe pointed out that even if the disease spreads in the country, its severity will not be high. However, he hoped that this should not be turned into a companion, which should be taken care of from the first stage.

It is being speculated that the vaccine, which was used to control the disease, is likely to effectively manage the spread of monkeypox. But public health practitioner Dr Ashish Vishwas also said that this vaccine is no longer available after eradicating Devi disease in India. Therefore, if a condition like Monkey Pox occurs, it will take some time for the vaccine to become available again, said an infectious disease expert. N. V. Nair explained.

'Don't panic, be careful':

Any new form of illness should be taken seriously, taking lessons from Corona. We need to be careful not to panic. A specific sexually transmitted infection also causes the disease. Each country has its population, behaviour, social status and economic status. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time. Therefore, it has been appealed to the concerned countries to consider 'Monkey Pox' from that point of view.

'Passengers need to be monitored':

It is crucial to keep an eye on all travellers from countries where the disease is spreading. The patient will have to be held in a completely separate room until the test report is received by collecting the appropriate samples for proper medical examination of those who have ulcers and sending them to N.I.V. immediately. The disease can be transmitted to another person in four to five weeks, according to microbiologist Dr Madhav Sathe has drawn attention.

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