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Rahul Gandhi spoke in Lok Sabha; Said, 'This is not an empire

The issue of Union Budget is being discussed in the Lok Sabha. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has attacked the Modi government at the Center this time. Rahul Gandhi has sharply criticized the central government's policies, including on issues of poverty and unemployment.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took the central government by storm in the Lok Sabha. Running the country requires dialogue between the center and the state. India is not an empire and states cannot be oppressed, said Rahul Gandhi. Speaking on the motion of thanks for the President's address, Rahul Gandhi lashed out at the Centre's policies.

Examine the three thousand year history of the country. You see Maurya dynasty, you see Ashoka. No one ruled without negotiations and agreements. Every state in the country has its own language, its own culture. This is a bouquet of varieties. Rahul Gandhi said that India could not run on a single stick of the Center.

'Two India is being created, one for the rich and the other for the poor. The gap between the two is widening. There is no employment in poor India today. But there was not a single word about unemployment in the President's address, said Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi made a serious allegation that the judiciary, the Election Commission and Pegasus are the tools used to silence the voice of the people.

You promise employment. 3 crore youth in the country lost their jobs in 2021 last year. The country has one of the highest unemployment rates in the last 50 years. You speak of Made in India and Start-up India. But the youth should have got employment from it, but they are not getting it, said Rahul Gandhi.

Eighty-four per cent of India's population has lost income and is rapidly moving towards poverty. The Congress-led UPA government had lifted 27 crore people out of poverty during its tenure. This is some of our information. This is the reality. But your government pushed 23 crore citizens back into the abyss of poverty, a serious allegation was made by Rahul Gandhi.

What was not mentioned in the President's address?

So there are three basic things: First, the idea that there are two India, not one India. One is very rich, who has immense wealth and who does not need jobs. Second, India belongs to the poor. But don't think that the poor India you are building will remain silent, it will not remain silent. The 100 richest people in the country have more assets than the 55 crore citizens of India, this is what Narendra Modi has done, this is what poor India sees, said Rahul Gandhi.

'Bringing China-Pakistan together':

The government has made big mistakes in foreign policy. India had to come up with the right strategy to keep China and Pakistan separate. But today, due to the wrong strategy of the government, China and Pakistan have come together. And this is the biggest crime committed against the people of the country. Look at China, how it is buying weapons. We must defend ourselves. It is important for the country that you listen to us. You may think we don't know, but we know. Listen to us and use it. Going forward, if anything happens, you will be responsible for it, said Rahul Gandhi.

The budget session will run till February 11

Discussions on the motion of thanks on the President's address have started from today. The budget session, which started on January 31, will continue till February 11. After the completion of the first phase of the convention, there will be a month-long holiday from February 12 to March 13. The second phase will start from March 14 and will continue till April 8. The convention will discuss the demands of the ministries for grants. At the same time the Minister of the concerned department will reply. After the discussion on the budget and the reply of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the demands of the grant and finance bill will be approved.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi will reply on February 7 or 8. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will reply on February 11.

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