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Rafale Caro: $ 20 million prize drug smuggler, arrested from bushes

FBI's most wanted and $20 million prize drug smuggler Rafael Caro Quintero has been arrested from Mexico. The FBI had placed him on its list of 10 top wanted fugitives. At the time, Quintero, arrested from the city of Choix in Sinaloa, was hiding in the bushes. America has praised Mexico for the arrest of this notorious criminal. An official said the US would seek his extradition from Mexico as soon as possible. On Saturday, US Ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, said that the US military did not directly participate in the operation to arrest Quintero. The government of Mexico ran this campaign. A Blackhawk helicopter of the Mexican Navy crashes during Quintero's arrest operation. 14 of his soldiers died in this accident. However, one jawan survived the accident. The Navy said in its statement that it appeared to be an accident, but the cause was being investigated.

Netflix produced the Narcos: Mexico series in 2018. It focuses on the five-decade drug war in Mexico. Cameron's murder case is portrayed dramatically in this series.

Only after his assassination did the collective war on drugs between the US and Mexico at its weakest. Quintero denies the murder of Camarena. However, a judge in Mexico released him in 2013. According to US officials, Quintero went underground after his release, but his name started appearing in drug trafficking.

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