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Putin was furious due to the heavy damage to the Russian army in Ukraine; 150 spies were removed

President Vladimir Putin has sacked 150 of his spies, infuriated by the heavy casualties caused to the Russian army in the Ukraine war. Not only this, many spies have been sent to jail. The news agency Bellingcat, which does investigative journalism, has made this big claim in its report. All these spies belonged to Russia's infamous intelligence agency FSB, which was created in place of the Soviet-era spy agency KGB.

Putin has previously been a KGB spy. The report said that several FSB spies had been sent to prison. The spies fired by Putin are said to be from the Fifth Service. The division was formed in 1998 when Putin was the director of the FSB. The work of this division was to spy inside the countries of the former Soviet Union. Colonel-General Sergei Beseda, 68, the head of the 5th Service, is among those placed under house arrest.

He is now lodged in the infamous torture prison Lefortovo. It is being claimed that there may be a trial against him for intelligence failure in Ukraine. Bellingcat's director Kristo Grojev claimed that these spies were fired for falsely reporting the situation in Ukraine to the Russian presidential office just before the Russian attack. "I can say that although not many people have been arrested, they will no longer work for the FSB," Grozev said. Intelligence agencies told Putin that many Ukrainians would welcome him if the Russian army attacked.

This will lead to a faster victory. The opposite happened in reality. Thousands of Russian soldiers have been killed, and more than 40 days have passed, but no success has been achieved. The President of Ukraine claims that about 20,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in the war. It is believed that after the removal of these spies, Putin may now fall on other senior Russian officials. Putin also suspects that his plans to attack Ukraine have been leaked.

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