Putin's journey through Hitler and Saddam Hussein? Russia's president fears assassination?

Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit has been described as "Hitler-like". Like Hitler, Putin's health has been questioned. Russian President Vladimir Putin launched military action on February 24 over Ukraine's participation in NATO. The war between Russia and Ukraine is now three months away. President Vladimir Putin is claimed to have gone underground with his loyal allies while Russian troops were fighting on the battlefield. Putin is sworn to be on vacation in a secret location. However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Putin's government. Putin is also said to have lost faith in his staunch supporters.

According to The Sun, it is suspected that a plot was hatched to assassinate Putin. Therefore, it is said that Putin is now in secession. The bodyguards appointed for the presidency of Russia are only allowed to approach them. A team has also been formed to check whether the food given to Putin is poisonous. The team will inspect the food provided to Putin. A similar unit was created for Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Food is checked:

Vladimir Putin has ordered the creation of special tools to protect your skin from toxins. The water is also checked when Vladimir Putin goes for a swim in the morning. According to The Sun, Putin has the same symptoms as Hitler. The two have similarities in war strategy and deteriorating health.

Meetings via video conferencing:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not met with senior ministers, advisers and colleagues in recent months. Vladimir Putin conducts meetings via video conferencing. Gellotti, a professor at University College London's School of Slavonic and East European Studies, said Putin was doing so because he did not want anyone to listen to him. He says Putin is more of a military fanboy than an army mastermind. Like Hitler, Vladimir Putin has been accused of being less aware of the reality of war. He feels that Vladimir Putin's health problems have weakened his grip on power.

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