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Putin now to be addressed as "Ruler" instead of President?

Loyalists to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin have not urged that he should be referred to as the country's "ruler" rather than "president" as the term is derived from "western language."

The LDPar has said that " In our country, by all historical standards, this is generally a new word; you can safely replace it. For example, with the phrase " head of the State" or the word "ruler." Both are more understandable to the Russian ear."

The party has also addressed the issue that using the term "president" has always "embarrassed" them. They have also argued that the term was first used in the United States at the end of the 18th century and later spread worldwide.

While Putin's spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, on the other hand, has said that Putin has no position on this matter. "Right now, all this is at the discussion stage, and he has no view on it."

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