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Putin likely to impose martial law in Russia, claims US intelligence chief

85 days have passed since the war between Russia and Ukraine. For this reason, Vladimir Putin could use martial law in Russia, according to US intelligence chiefs. It's been two and a half months since the war between Russia and Ukraine began. The role of Russian President Vladimir Putin has caught everyone's attention. Putin is the focus of the world's attention. The US Central Intelligence Agency head has claimed that Putin could apply martial law. AFP has tweeted in this regard.

When Russia launched its military operation against Ukraine, it was expected that Ukraine would surrender within 72 hours. Two and a half months later, Ukraine has not surrendered to Russia. Russia has suffered heavy losses in its war against Ukraine. So it is possible that Vladimir Putin could take any action.

Putin was expected to impose martial law on Russia as soon as it started its war against Ukraine. However, Vladimir Putin has denied any involvement in martial law. At the time, Putin had said that martial law was imposed when a case involving a foreign country.

Discussions on martial law came to a halt after Putin's explanation. Vladimir Putin was expected to announce something on May 9, Russia's Victory Day. Britain had predicted that Putin would launch an attack on his country's enemies. However, that prediction is also wrong.

All predictions made so far regarding Russia are wrong. It remains to be seen whether the projections made by the US intelligence chiefs will come true. But now, the whole world is watching Vladimir Putin. Former US intelligence chief William Burns had earlier said that Russia would launch a nuclear attack on Ukraine.

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