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Putin is at risk of poisoning; Thousands of employees are fired.

The Daily Beast reported that Putin had fired bodyguards, cooks, laundresses, and some secretarial officials. U.S. and European intelligence officials say Putin is preparing to launch a nuclear attack on Ukraine. At the same time, Putin began to change his staff. "Putin's approach to Ukraine has been the target of a number of intelligence agencies.

Therefore, Russian intelligence agencies fear that they may have been poisoned or otherwise killed. Russia is making every effort to reduce this risk, "said an official with France's General Directorate for External Security."Of course, no country would risk a direct attack on Putin. Anti-Russian forces are trying to get someone from Russia to take the initiative, "the official said.

Attempts to mediate from Israel

Meanwhile, mediation efforts have been initiated by Israel for an arms embargo between Russia and Ukraine. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has offered to mediate."With the help of other allies, we will try to bridge the gap between the two countries and end the war," Bennett told a news conference. He also said that Israel has good relations with both countries, which will benefit them. Bennett has telephoned the leaders of both countries since the war began. He also visited Moscow and held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden will visit Poland.

U.S. President Joe Biden, on the other hand, will travel to Europe this week. He will also visit Poland during the visit. Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Biden is set to tour Europe. He will hold talks with NATO members and leaders of European allies. He will then travel to Poland to hold talks with Polish leaders. Poland is a neighbor of Ukraine and has sheltered 2 million Ukrainians. Also, Poland is a member of NATO and Polish leaders are at the forefront of advocating for NATO's involvement in the war.

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