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Putin has the most poisonous substance, the use of strychnine to kill enemies

Vladimir Putin has one of the most toxic substances in the world. Russian intelligence agencies use it to kill their enemies. British intelligence has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has died. According to British intelligence, Putin is being replaced by a puppet who looks like him. Vladimir Putin's name has been the talk of international politics for the past three months due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Vladimir Putin has one of the most toxic substances globally, Strykinin. Putin is claimed to be using Strykinin for opponents or enemies.

The Russian intelligence service uses K.G.B. Strykinin on the enemy. Strychnine is the most painful chemical in the world. If a person has streaking in his body, he is in great pain. The body was beginning to cut. It also affects the function of muscles and tendons in the body.

According to the Daily Star, according to Neil Broadbury, the strychnine poison was slowly taking effect. It takes a few hours for a person to die. He said that this toxin affects the muscles in the body.

Striking banned in Britain:

Alexander Perepilich, a Russian anti-corruption activist, was found dead in London. Strychnine-like chemicals were found in their bodies. However, evidence of his murder was not forthcoming. Streaking is banned in Britain. It has been denied because it affects the human body. Meanwhile, Russia and Ukraine have completed three months of the war. Russian President Vladimir Putin is also feared to have been assassinated. Meals for Vladimir Putin are also being investigated. The water in the swimming pool used by Putin is also being tested.

France and Germany are pushing for Russia to resume talks with Ukraine. French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke to Putin. The war between Russia and Ukraine began on February 24. Russia has taken military action against Ukraine over the NATO issue.

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