Putin assures security of flight from Mumbai to rescue Indians in Ukraine

New Delhi: The Government of India has formulated a plan for the release of Indians in Ukraine. India to send 4 aircraft India has made the preparations following Russian President Vladimir Putin's assurance of security. According to this, a plane has also taken off from Mumbai in the morning.

In the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Russian troops have reached Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. There are constant bombings from Russia. Meanwhile, Indian students stranded in Ukraine have taken refuge in bunkers. Some are stuck in the basement of buildings. They also have to deal with eating problems. Air India had tweeted on Friday night. The B787 will take off from Mumbai and Delhi on Saturday for Bucharest and Budapest, Air India had said. According to this, the first flight for the release of Indians has taken place from Mumbai.

The students were holding a tricolor in their hands as they were leaving Ukraine. At the same time, the bus in which he boarded had a placard saying that there was a tricolor of India and Indian students in the bus. This afternoon AI-1941 will take off from Mumbai at 3 o'clock. The AI-1943 will depart from Delhi at 4 pm, officials from the Ministry of Civil Aviation had confirmed.

Accordingly, an Air India AI1943 aircraft has taken off from Mumbai Airport for Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The flight number departed from Mumbai Airport at 3.40 am and is expected to reach Bucharest Airport at 10 am Indian time. Indian government officials will take any Indian nationals who reach the Ukraine-Romania border by road to Bucharest so that they can be brought home on an Air India flight, senior government officials said.

20,000 Indians stranded in Ukraine

There will be flights from Bucharest and the Hungarian capital Budapest on Saturday to repatriate Indian nationals stranded in Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities had suspended civil aviation on Thursday. Now 4 planes will be sent to bring Indians home. The planes will return from Bucharest and Budapest. There are currently 20,000 Indians stranded in Ukraine. Most of them are students, officials said.

The stranded students and their families are pressuring the Government of India and the Ministry of External Affairs to rescue their children in one way or another. Due to this pressure, the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India has initiated efforts to expel the students from Ukraine. All of them will come first to Romania and then to India from there. The first batch of these students has been sent to India from Romania. Before leaving Romania, the students shared their videos on social media. He thanked the Government of India and the Ministry of External Affairs for coming out of danger.

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