North Korea bans citizens from smiling and celebrating any occasions for 11 days

North Korea's insane dictator Kim Jong-un's bizarre decisions have always been the talk of the town. Now Kim Jong Un is the subject of another controversial decision.

North Korea has banned citizens from laughing for the next 11 days. The most famous Psycho insane dictator has ordered that North Korean citizens be severely punished if they are seen celebrating or smiling in any way. The government has banned laughter on the occasion of the 10th death anniversary of Kim Jong-il, the father of former leader and current insane dictator Kim Jong Un.

On the occasion of Kim Jong-il's death anniversary, the 11-day dictator has once again issued a new edict on the country's citizens, saying that any form of celebration, festival or celebration should be completely banned. Not only that, but the crazy Kim Jong Un has issued an order that no smile should be seen on the faces of the citizens. The person who shows a smile on his face will be severely punished by the crazy Kim Jong Un. As it is a national mourning, people will be banned from laughing and drinking alcohol.

The country is also banned from buying groceries by the psycho dictator Kim Jong Un. Sources said that during the national mourning period, if anyone was found to be intoxicated or intoxicated in any way, the person has not returned home till date. Apart from this, birthdays, celebrations or celebrations of any kind are not allowed during this period. Violations of the orders of this insane dictator are followed by arrest and severe punishment. In times of national mourning, the insane police in this country keep a close eye on the citizens. People who don't see the sadness and grief on that person's face are arrested by these dull-witted police. Those arrested never return home.

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