Protest in Amsterdam against the Dutch Covid Restrictions

Amid the surging Covid-19 cases and strict imposition of Covid restriction the protestors at Amsterdam rallied against the stern Dutch Covid restriction imposed by the government. Though the protests were going on across the country, the last Sunday witnessed a huge gathering of protestors marching with their banners and yellow umbrellas. The large gathering of protestors was joined by farmers, who drove and parked their tractors along the central museum square.

Altogether the atmosphere during the protest was heated, still, the protestors maintained the decorum and relied on peaceful ways of protesting. The protestors chanted slogans against the government, played the music, and marched through fares, blocking the traffic. Moreover, many people exhibited their dissent against the restriction by not abiding by the rules and over-stepping on the restrictions imposed by the government.

Furthermore, amid the rising Covid-19 cases in Europe, the Netherlands witnessed the toughest lockdown last month in the wake of another variant of Covid. The Netherlands witnessed astonishing stats of cases i.e 3.5 million infections and 21,000 death since the onset of the pandemic. Despite the alarming cases, The Prime Minister of Netherlands Mark Rutte on Friday gave his assent for the opening of the stores, gyms, and hairdressers with certain conditions and restrictions.

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