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Princess Diana: 'Fraud' for Princess Diana's interview, unconditional apology from BBC after 26 year

BBC Apologizes for Cheating on Princess Diana Interview: In 1995, the BBC contacted Princess Diana's private secretary Patrick Jeffson for an interview.

The BBC has admitted that it had "cheated" to get an interview with Britain's late Princess Diana. Remarkably, 26 years after the incident, the BBC has admitted its mistake and apologized unconditionally. Moreover, it has shown readiness to pay compensation.

In 1995, the BBC contacted Princess Diana's private secretary, Patrick Jeffson, for an interview. This time, BBC journalist Martin Bashir cheated Jeffson and earned his trust. However, the BBC has apologized to Jeffson, saying that he had to bear the brunt of the loss.

Who was Princess Diana?

Diana was the first wife of Prince Charles, the son of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain. She has also crowned Princess of Wales. Diana was born into a royal family in Britain. She was the fourth child of John Spencer, the eighth Earl of Spencer, and his wife, The Honorable Francis Shend Kidd. He was raised in Park House in Sunderingham House. He completed his education in England and Switzerland. When her father received the title of Earl Spencer in 1975, Diana became Lady Diana Spencer.

Marriage & Divorce:

Princess Diana married Prince Charles on July 29, 1981, at St. Paul's Cathedral. The wedding was televised live on this TV. After the marriage, Diana has crowned Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothese, Countess of Chester, and Baroness of Rainfrew. The couple had two children, Prince William, and Prince Harry. However, the marriage did not last long. The couple separated in 1996.

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