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Prince William's remark over the Russia-Ukraine crisis has put him under fire

Since the onset of the Russian-Ukraine war Prince William has maintained his silence over the crisis and witnessed the escalating crisis Britain's Prince William is under fire over 'alien to see bloodshed in Europe.' His statement in such a crisis has garnered a massive worldwide outrage for reacting to the Russia-Ukraine war in a ‘racist’ manner. His remark over the crisis “It is very alien to see war and bloodshed in Europe,” has accelerated a tremendous outrage on Twitter.

Prince Williams during his visit to the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in London on Thursday, March 10, stated "It's very alien to see war and bloodshed in Europe. We are all behind you.” The comments were reported by the British news organization, The Independent.

Such comment made during the crisis made by Prince Williams has led to a massive outrage by the people on Twitter. People have flooded Twitter by citing the remark made by Prince Willims as 'disgusting and racist'.

With the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war myriad instances of discrimination against people of color attempting to cross the Ukrainian border have been making headlines. As has been news about the innate racism in some of the responses to the crisis.

Simultaneously The prime ministers of Bulgaria and Poland the neighboring countries of Ukraine came under fire for announcing they would acknowledge any number of refugees because "these are not the refugees we are used to. These are intelligent and educated people."

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