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Prigozhin Warns Kremlin's Blackout on State Media Against Him May Provoke Backlash

Moscow: In a startling revelation, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of Russia's notorious Wagner Group mercenary force, has accused senior Kremlin officials of imposing a blackout on state media coverage about him. Prigozhin has issued a cautionary statement, asserting that this deliberate misinformation campaign could lead to a backlash from the Russian people within a matter of months.

Prigozhin's fighters recently captured the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, marking a significant military victory. However, his role in the conquest was downplayed on state television, raising eyebrows and indicating a growing divide between Prigozhin and the Kremlin. Astonishingly, the fall of Bakhmut went unreported on state TV for a staggering 20 hours, and Prigozhin's victory speech was notably absent from the broadcast.

In an interview with Reuters, Prigozhin voiced his concerns about the Kremlin's alleged ban on coverage related to him and his activities. He stated, "Wagner is not a piece of slippery soap which the bureaucrats have got used to shoving all over the place; Wagner is an awl, a stiletto that you cannot hide. I am absolutely convinced they have forbidden [coverage]."

Prigozhin's pointed remarks indicate the escalating tensions between him and the Russian establishment. He expressed his belief that the Kremlin's attempt to silence any discussion about Wagner on state media will only further provoke the people, rather than subduing them.

"That high-level bureaucrats, those very towers of the Kremlin, are trying to shut the mouths of everyone so that they don't speak about Wagner will only give another shove to the people," Prigozhin asserted.

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