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Pressure increased after the war, 5530 sanctions on Russia, how many sanctions on which country?

Many kinds of sanctions have been imposed on Russia since the war began.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has intensified. Russia launches airstrikes on Ukraine Russia's role has led many countries around the world to support Ukraine. A number of sanctions have been imposed on Russia, bringing the total to 5,530.

More information is available at Castellam. According to the AI, Russia had 2778 sanctions before the war against Ukraine. However, since the beginning of the war, these various restrictions have been increased and this country has become the country with the most restrictions.

The United Nations and European allies imposed a series of sanctions on Russia on February 22. The pressure on Russia is mounting. Netflix and American Express are currently shutting down their services in Russia. Russia's President Vladimir Putin has said that imposing sanctions is tantamount to declaring war.

How many restrictions are there in which country?

Russia: Prior to February 22, Russia had 2754 types of sanctions. But after the war between Russia and Ukraine, another 2,778 types of sanctions were added. The sanctions put restrictions on the Russian central bank. Media outlets such as Russia Today and Sputnik have been banned. In addition, some trade and economic sanctions have been imposed on Russia.

Iran: Iran is the second most restricted country after Russia. According to, there are 3616 types of sanctions on this country. The sanctions are imposed on Iran over its nuclear program and support for terrorism. In 1995, the United States imposed trade and investment sanctions on Iran.

Syria: European countries, the United States, Canada, and Australia have imposed a number of economic sanctions on Syria since 2011 due to the civil war. According to, there are 2,608 different sanctions on Syria. In 2011, the European Union imposed a number of sanctions on Syria over its crackdown on civilians. These included bans on oil imports, restrictions on investments, freezing of Syrian central bank assets, restrictions on exports, and so on.

North Korea: The United Nations has imposed sanctions on North Korea since 2006 over its nuclear and ballistic missile policy. According to the information available on, there are 2077 types of restrictions on this country. It ranks fourth on the list of countries with sanctions. Freezing the assets of those involved in the nuclear program. The United Nations has banned the import of expensive goods, electronics, coal, minerals, agricultural products, timber, textiles, and stones.

Venezuela: The United States has imposed sanctions on the South American country of Venezuela since 2017. The country has a total of 651 sanctions and is ranked fifth in the list.

Cuba: It is the sixth country on the sanctions list. A total of 208 types of sanctions have been imposed on this country for more than 60 years. The then US President John F. Kennedy had said that the sanctions would remain in place until Cuba implemented human rights and democratization.

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