President Zelenskyy reckons the Asian countries change their attitudes toward Ukraine

The Russian-Ukraine war seemed to have divided the world into three camps, where many Asian countries seem to dwell in the camp of "Neutrality". Addressing the Asian countries, President Zelenskyy urged the Asian countries to bring a " Change in their attitudes" towards Ukraine, as Europe did after the onset of the Russian invasion. During his address Zelenskyy even condemned various NATO members for underestimating Ukraine and halting the move of Ukraine to join the alliance, citing it as a "Gross mistake." He further claimed that Ukraine's potency in tackling Russia's offensive attack had influenced the behaviour of European member states towards Ukraine.

He even reckoned many Asian countries to leave their neutrality camp and change their attitudes towards Ukraine. Along with various Asian countries, India has continuously abstained from voting against Russia at the United Nations even after witnessing the atrocities in Ukraine.

President Zelenskyy even highlighted many Asian countries who enjoyed a closer relationship with erstwhile the Soviet Union. He said, " Many countries in Asia have not condemned the Russian act because, after the fall of USSR, the Russian Federation was the biggest successor of Soviet Union, due to which their relations remain strong."

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