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President Kovind: President's important appeal to the countrymen

President Ram Nath Kovind: In his address to the nation on the eve of Republic Day, President Ram Nath Kovind commented on various issues such as Corona, Indian democracy, economy.

President Ramnath Kovind's Speech to the Nation

During the Coronation period, the country showed unparalleled determination.

India faced the challenge with all its might.

New Delhi: The country has shown unparalleled determination during the Corona outbreak. India faced the challenge facing mankind with all its might. India is emerging as a strong and sensitive country, "said President Ramnath Kovind on Tuesday. He was speaking in a speech addressed to the nation on the eve of the 73rd Republic Day. He emphasized the importance of Indian values ​​of democracy, justice, equality, and brotherhood.

President Kovind said, "The Constitution gives us the strength to fight for our fundamental rights. Diversity and vibrancy are the hallmarks of our democracy. We are all together and that is our strength. That is why we celebrate Republic Day every year with enthusiasm. Corona has restrictions on this year's ceremony. However, your determination is as strong as ever. In a large country like India, dealing with corona is very challenging. However, with the participation of all the elements, through the efforts of the citizens, we faced Corona. The perseverance shown by the country in the face of adversity is remarkable. The country's economic growth slowed last year, But the economy is expected to grow at an impressive rate this fiscal year. '

Regarding the fight against corona, the President said, "Doctors, nurses and health workers worked day and night for the patients, regardless of their own lives. Other factors contributed in part to keeping the country's economy afloat. Many families in the country have gone through a terrible crisis. I have no words to express your collective pain, But it is a relief to be able to save so many lives. We must be careful as there is still an outbreak of communicable diseases. There should be no negligence in following the rules of safe conduct. The precaution taken so far will have to be taken further. Following the advice given by health, experts have become the national religion of every citizen today. This nationalism is to be observed till this crisis is removed. A sense of patriotism reinforces duty. Whether you are a doctor or a lawyer, a shopkeeper or an office worker, a cleaner or a laborer, your primary and important contribution to the country is to carry out your duties faithfully and efficiently. '

The President said ...

- There was a wave of joy among the citizens due to the strong performance of their athletes in the Olympics last year. The confidence of those young winners is inspiring millions today.

- Our soldiers and security personnel are carrying on the legacy of patriotism. Our armed forces and police are on duty day and night to protect the country's borders and maintain internal order.

- Republic Day is also a day of honor for patriots and revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives for the nation. Two days ago, on January 23, we commemorated Subhash Chandra Bose on the occasion of his 125th birth anniversary. His work for independence and his ambition to make India glorious is a source of inspiration for all of us.

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