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Plastic Pollution disaster: Plastic particles in human blood !; Research reveals this shocking fact

Microplastics Found In Human Blood: Research has found plastic particles in human blood, underscoring the risk of plastic pollution. The research was published in the scientific journal Environment International.

Fine plastic particles have been found in human blood in water bottles, bags, toys, 'use and throw' spoons and spoons we use in daily life. According to a team of researchers, this is the first case of microplastics being found in the blood. (Microplastics Found In Human Blood)

Research has revealed in the scientific journal 'Environment International' that very small pieces of plastic items that we use in our daily life have been found in the blood of human beings. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyethylene, and polymers are the most common plastics found in blood samples. Polypropylene was also analyzed. However, it was too low for measurement. "It has now been proven that there is plastic in the blood of the human body," said Heather Leslie, an ecotoxicologist (research on environmental pollution) at the University of Bridges in Amsterdam.

A team of researchers has developed an analysis method to track the micro and nanoparticles of plastic in human blood.

There is a need for more research on plastics found in human blood, which will make it easier to see how big and serious the problem of plastic pollution is. Further research will also show the same dangers plastic particles pose to public life.

- 'PET' is found in soda and water bottles; Polyethylene is also found in containers, milk bottles and grocery bags, toys, and disposable knives and knives.

- The study involved 22 participants. Five different types of polymers were examined from their blood.

- Laboratory experiments have shown that plastic is being absorbed into the human body even from the daily environment.

- A total of 1.6 micrograms of plastic was found in 22 blood donors.

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