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Oslo mass shooting: 2 killed, 14 injured

Two people were killed, and fourteen were injured on Saturday, as the shooting occurred at a nightclub and in nearby streets in Norway's capital Oslo. The shooting has now been investigated, and according to Norwegian police, this can be a possible terrorist attack.

During the press conference, the police officials confirmed that they had arrested a man after the shooting. He was a Norwegian citizen and is believed to have an Iranian origin. He was known to the police but not for any major crime. The authorities have also said that they have seized two firearms in connection with the attack: a handgun and an automatic weapon.

Police spokesman Tore Barstad has told the newspaper Aftenposten that: the crime scene had extended from London Pub via a neighboring club and continued to a nearby street where the gunman was arrested after the shooting began, but the motive of the shooting was unclear.

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