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Norway study claims: Covid was present in Europe weeks before the first confirmed cases.

Amid the varied theories expounding regarding Covid-19, the researchers in Norway have claimed that Covid was widespread in Europe before the first case was confirmed and diagnosed. The scientists at Akershus University Hospital near Oslo diagnosed the positive Coronavirus case in the blood sample of a Pregnant woman taken on 12th December 2019 and stated that she was already infected at the beginning of December.

Anne Eskild, professor and chief physician at Akershus acknowledged that “Our findings have changed the history course of Corona epidemic both in Norway and in the world.” She further added, “we found four out of 1,500 tests of pregnant women that were positive before the first Covid case was confirmed in France.”

Several Pneumonia cases were diagnosed in Wuhan, China IN December 2019, and the following year on 12th January 2020 China announced a different gene sequence of the newly evolved novel Coronavirus. Simultaneously on 24th January 2020, the first three European cases were diagnosed in France.

Acknowledging the facts of her research, Professor Eskild has stated that the virus was present long before the French cases were announced. She explains further that “The catchment area present in our Hospital consists of women who come from all over the map. I think that some of the women present in the catchment area that were positive were either born with it or had been in.”

Concluding her research, Professor Eskild stated that “the women in their catchment area are from all over the globe and the virus may have been all over the world before china broke the news of epidemic.”

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