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New Covid-19 Pass elicit Protests in France

Amid the rising Covid cases many European countries are tightening rules for non-vaccinated populations. One among these countries is France which is likely going to impose tighter restrictions on people who are not vaccinated. As the Parliament is discussing the draft of the bill, the protestors on Saturday came down to the streets to show their disapproval against the bill.

Thousands of the protestors, including the political groups summoned by anti-EU president candidate Florian Philippot, gathered at the capital city, Paris, and set off their protest from near Eiffel Tower. The protestors blatantly chanted “No to vaccine” or “ Freedom for Djokovic” THE WORLD MEN’S TENNIS number one Novak Djokovic, who is grappling against the Australian government, to let him[unvaccinated] compete in the Grand Slam Australian Open.

The demonstrators carried the French and regional flags, with banners exhibiting the message “it’s not a virus that needs to be controlled, it’s you.” On the other hand, the National Assembly cleared the vaccine pass bill on Saturday to the upper house and the senate is likely to pass it by Sunday.

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