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Nepal’s President pledges to stop all patterns of prejudice against women

President Bidya Devi Bhandari has affirmed her responsibility to end all structures of violence and prejudice against women. During a delegation with a committee of the Shakti Samuha, which has been toiling tirelessly against human trafficking, at the President’s Office in Sheetal Niwas on Monday, President Bhandari announced that the government would play a forthright role in stopping the sorcery indictment, gender-based violence and social bias faced by women.

She further amplified her views that actions would be made to deal with the issues brought up by Shakti Samuha. Passing over a memorandum to the President, Charimaya Tamang, presider of Shakti Samuha said that the organization was shaped to create awareness against human trafficking.

Notifying that the organization recently carried out its 5th general convention on the event of its 25th anniversary, Tamang said the verdict of the meeting was illustrated to the President in the structure of a memorandum. In the memorandum, it is cited that a distinct program like President Women’s Upliftment program was executed to rescue, rejuvenate, and for the social reintegration of the women and adolescent girls and girl child impacted by human trafficking.

The memorandum also emphasized that women and adolescents who disappear all of sudden every year under various pretexts should be scoured for.

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