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Most people do not know about these reasons for getting pimples

pimple on face

Do pimples bother you too often? If so, it might be weighing on your skincare routine. After seeing the product advertisement, we get so impressed that we started using that product without thinking. In such a situation, we cannot get the result; instead, we get many skin problems. Knowing about your skincare mistake in such a situation is very important.

Do not rub the rice facemask on the face

Never rub a homemade facemask made from rice on the face to avoid skin problems. Rice powder is coarse, which only suits some. Due to this reason also, the chances of getting pimples are greatly increased.

Leave the scrub on for a short time

The best way to do scrubbing is to scrub after applying the cleanser. You rub the scrub on the face with light hands but remember that you can leave the scrub on the face after applying the scrub. This increases the risk of pimples.

Cream based moisturizer

People with oily skin are more prone to pimples, so if your skin is oily, you should not apply cream-based moisturizer but gel-based moisturizer on the face.

Massage with oil

If you massage with oil while doing facial steps, then this can also become a reason for pimples. Only some people should apply oil on the face. This can cause both open pores and pimples on the skin.

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