Masquerading as CBI officials, the Gang plunders whopping stock of valuables.

Hyderabad- in a very spectacular and viable manner, four unknown personalities pretending to be CBI officials decamped with a humongous amount of valuables, 1,340 grams of gold jawellery, diamond sets and cash worth 2 lakhs, from a flat located in Gachibowli district of Hyderabad, reported by police on Tuesday.

The incident came to light when the victim a woman named Bhagyalaxmi, filed a complaint against the four people. She claimed that four people in a very dramatic manner flashed their CBI cards, entered her house and started their searching process. The four unrecognized people arrived in the afternoon, in a Maruti Suzuki Eritiga, introduced themselves as CBI officials and instructed the members present there to wait in the hall, said the woman.

“Feigning to be searching the house, they entered the bedroom, fetched the locker keys from the handbag and opened the locker. After unlocking the locker they took hold of family’s valuable possession and storm out of the house,” said the police.

Before the woman could make out the situation the four men fled, without a trace. Later, the woman swallowed the fact that she was cheated by those four men pretending to be CBI officials and immediately filed a complaint against them.

The police officials have started investigating the incident and are accessing the CCTV footage for identifying the four felons. Meanwhile, the woman has asserted that she can identify and recognize the men and thus, a special team has been set up to continue the investigation.

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