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Latest Ukraine battleground update

Mariupol: A convoy of about 100 evacuees from the steel plant in this city is expected to arrive in Zaporizhzhia on Tuesday morning.

Odessa: A rocket was fired at one of the city’s “infrastructure facilities,” said regional governor Maksym Marchenko. “Unfortunately,” he wrote, “there are dead and wounded.” The city council said on Telegram that a 15-year-old boy was killed, and another Kid was taken to a hospital with injuries.

Kyiv Region: Ukrainian officials said Monday that 148 people had been found in eight mass graves around the region — mostly in Bucha. According to the Ukrainian government, over a thousand Ukrainians have been killed in the area around the capital. Officials reiterated Monday that bodies were found with tied hands, feet and shots to the head.

Kherson: Ukrainian officials said Monday that a man went to the hospital in critical condition after shelling in a village here.

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