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Karnataka Hijab controversy

It all started when muslim girl students were banned from wearing hijabs to schools and colleges in Karnataka. Currently, BJP's Basavaraj Bonnai is the chief minister of the state.


One day, six students from the government PU college for girls in Udupi were restricted to enter the college while wearing hijab,

When they protested against this injustice on December 31,2021, a meeting was conducted after the 15 days of the protest between the parents, stakeholders and the college's development committee.

After no favourable action was taken by the authorities, students filed a writ petition in the Karnataka High court plus approached the National Human Rights Commission.

To counter the victims a group of boys at the government Pre University college in kundapur went to college sporting saffron shawls but they too were barred from entering classrooms.

College gained limelight once the videos and photos of the students wearing saffron shawls gone viral.

The controversy had blown out so much that it resulted in the lathi charges and huge anger of the students was seen after the orders were enforced.

As per the reports of outlook the Karnataka HC has began considering positions essentially seeking to allow students to enter colleges and schools wearing hijab.

Though Justice Krishna Dixit says "We will go by reason, by law, not by passion or emotions we will go by what the constitution says.


According to India Today BJP says Congress is behind the 'birth of Hijab Row'. Do we need another example to say Congress is working towards breaking the society?" the BJP karanataka said.

In response to which Devadatta Kamat, lawyer tweeted " I, fortunately live in a free country. As a counsel, I appear and argue any case I am instructed in. No third party much less a political party can question my choice of a brief!"

"What we are seeing in Karanataka is anything but the quest for knowledge. Young girls, in the name of faith are being over education," said Amit Malviya.

"Is the right to wear a Hijab a constitutional right? Religious freedom under Art 25 is subject to constitutional morality and the state can legitimately restrict it on grounds of public order and morality. What if women in uniformed services start demanding right to wear hijab?" stated Amit Malviya in a tweet.

While Sunil Kumar said," If congress gets people's mandate, they might even get a law that says all Hindus should wear Hijab.

Siddharamaiah and Congress should come out of such mentality. Yesterday, DK shivakumar made false allegations that flag was removed. He stood by false statements," alleged Sunil Kumar.

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