Karnataka High Court Upholds the Hijab Ban.

Days after the Karnataka state government banned the wearing of hijab in government schools and colleges, there was a massive controversy about the ban.

Girls who wore hijab were not allowed to enter schools, many students also wore saffron scarf's to support the hijab ban, to protect the law and order situation in the state schools in various districts were shut down.

Girls who wanted to wear hijab in schools, knocked on the doors of the Karnataka High court, after a month-long discussion about the hijab controversy the high court finally gave its verdict today.

The High Court said that “ wearing of Hijab is a non-essential practice of Islam” and the government of Karnataka has the power to prescribe a uniform, which is a reasonable restriction on the fundamental rights and the court also held that there is no point in invalidating the Karnataka government’s decision which mandated the hijab ban.

While the petitioners might move to the supreme court against this decision of the high court.

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