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Kanhaiyalal Murder: Udaipur murder accused connected with Pakistani Ismalmist Group "Dawate Islam"

A case of the brutal murder of a tailor in Udaipur, Rajasthan, has come to light.

The killers had entered the shop on the pretext of sewing clothes. After the murder of Taylor, the killers also shared the video online. In this, he says he took this step to avenge Islam.

A tailor was brutally murdered in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The killers had entered the shop on the pretext of sewing clothes. Taking a chance, one attacked Tailor Kanhaiyalal.

While the other stood there and kept making videos.

After the murder, the accused also took responsibility for the murder by sharing the video. The killers say that they did it to avenge the insult to Islam. It is being told that both the accused used to do welding work. Kanhaiyalal has a shop named Supreme Tailors near Bhootmahal in Udaipur.

Kanhaiya Lal was a resident of the Govardhan Vilas area. Kanhaiyalal used to work as a tailor on Malda Street for a long time. He had not even opened his tailor's shop for 6 days. And on Tuesday, when Kanhaiya opened the shop, the killers brutally murdered him on the pretext of getting clothes stitched.

Kanhaiyalal has a wife and 2 sons. He wrote a post in support of Nupur Sharma a few weeks ago. On June 10, his neighbour Nazim had filed a case against him.

After this, Kanhaiyalal was arrested. Kanhaiyalal has been getting death threats continuously since he got bail. He had also complained to the police on June 15. But the police did not take any concrete action. It is said that Riyaz and Mohammad Ghaus, accused of murder, live in Udaipur. Riyaz used to work in the mosque while staying in Ghazipur of Udaipur.

Gauss is a resident of Bhima of Rajsamand. It used to do welding and property work. Both the accused were associated with the online course of the Pakistani organization Dawate Islami.

The accused, Mohammad Riyaz, is a resident of Asind in Bhilwara.

Riyaz has 10 siblings. Riyaz moved to Udaipur in 2001 after his father's death, Jabbar Luhar. On the other hand, a four-member team of NIA has been sent to Udaipur. It is being told that a team of senior rank officers of NIA has been sent to Udaipur. In collaboration with central agencies, IB officials are investigating from all angles.

In this case, there is also a possibility of involvement of the jihadi group. Is Radical Group related to Global Terror Group? This is also being investigated. A few days ago, al-Qaeda also threatened that there would be attacks in many big cities. The investigation is also being done from this angle.

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