Kalicharan Arrested: How did Kalicharan Maharaj behind the bars? One mistake put him behind bars

In Chhattisgarh, Kalicharan Maharaj, who insulted Mahatma Gandhi, was arrested by the Raipur Police. Three different teams of Raipur Police were sent in search of Kalicharan. In this, teams were sent to Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Delhi. At 4 am on Thursday morning, a 7-member police team nabbed Kalicharan near Bageshwar Dham in Raipur.

It is alleged that Kalicharan insulted the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi in the Dharma Sansad of Raipur on the evening of 26 December. After this, Kalicharan escaped from Chhattisgarh by train in the night itself. The next day Kalicharan released a video and stood by his mistake. After this video, the police's cyber cell team traced the video.

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