Jordan : Parliament became a wrestling arena, Freestyle Fighting between public representatives.

Pic courtesy to Pragnews

A video of a scuffle between some MPs following the President's order has now surfaced. It shows MPs kicking and punching each other in the Parliament House.

Parliament became a wrestling arena; freestyle fighting after President's order!

You may have seen allegations being made many times during parliamentary debates. Now, something has happened in the Jordanian parliament that has taken everyone by surprise. In the House of Parliament, some MPs clashed with each other, kicking and punching each other. A video of the clash in Parliament has also surfaced.

The incident took place in Jordan's parliament on Tuesday. During the proceedings of the Parliament, when the Speaker ordered an MP to leave, there was a commotion in the House. The MPs present at the place clashed with each other. This is followed by a video. In this, the MPs present at that place are suddenly seen clashing with each other. It also shows them beating each other. In this video which is more than 1 minute long, it is seen that many MPs are coming together during the beating. There is also an uproar going on in the area.

According to some media reports, discussions are underway in the Jordanian parliament on amending the constitution. Meanwhile, the president ordered them to leave, saying that their behavior was hampered by the behavior of an MP. After this all the MPs clashed with each other. No one was seriously injured. Jordan's constitution has been amended 29 times so far.

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