Joe Biden: When the President swears at a journalist on a mic...

Joe Biden Abuses Reporter: President Biden held a press conference on Monday. Biden, meanwhile, lost control of his speech.


Know, at what point did the journalist ask the question?

the journalist was insulted by the US President.

The president didn't even know Mic was on.

US President Joe Biden is known for his cordial relations with the media. Biden has also been successful in projecting a different image from former President Donald Trump, who has often argued with journalists. However, his image has been tarnished after a recent press conference.

Biden's video goes viral

A press conference was held by President Biden on Monday. Biden, meanwhile, lost control of his speech. He swears on Mic for Fox News' Peter Doozy. Biden's video has been widely discussed on social media.

As all the reporters were leaving the hall after the press conference, a Fox News reporter asked Biden a question. So Biden seems to have lost control of his temper.

What did the journalist ask?

Is 'inflation' a political constraint? This question was asked by this journalist to the President. On this, the sarcastic reply of the President to the question of the negotiator was 'this is a great asset'. He later used the word 'insult' for a journalist. These words uttered by the President were heard by all. The reason is that the President's mic was on then ... and President Biden was not aware that his mic was still on.

Peter Doozy, a Fox News reporter, also heard the President's words. He described the insults during the interview.

The crookedness of Donald Trump and the media

Donald Trump, the president before Biden, was known for his irresponsible behavior with the media. In August 2020, when a Native American-American journalist asked Trump some tough questions, Trump behaved rudely and asked another journalist to ask questions. "After three and a half years, do you feel any remorse for the false statement you made in front of the American people?" This question was asked by this journalist.

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