Joe Biden tested COVID-19 positive: He will continue to work in isolation

US President Joe Biden has been infected with Corona and will continue to work in isolation and infection even after taking the vaccine.

It has come to light that America's President Joe Biden has been infected with Corona. In this regard, the White House has issued a press release and given information. Joe Biden has been reported to have normal symptoms of the coronavirus and will continue to work in isolation. Joe Biden, the oldest US president, is 79 years old. After being found infected with Corona, they are experiencing problems like cold, fatigue, and dry cough. White House doctor Kevin O'Connor has given this information. Joe Biden is being treated with the antiviral Paxlovide.

Biden is infected with the vaccine

White House press secretary Karyn Jean-Pierre says Joe Biden's vaccinations are complete. He has taken two doses of the corona vaccine but has a corona infection. Biden is experiencing mild symptoms of corona infection.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, Biden is in self-isolation at the White House. According to Reuters, the White House will issue a daily bulletin on the president's health.

Cancer news goes viral:

News that President Joe Biden has cancer was going viral on social media. However, the White House gave an explanation regarding this news. Biden was referring to his skin cancer treatment, which was mistakenly called cancer at the time.

President Joe Biden visited an old coal mine in Massachusetts. At that time, he was telling one of his memories. Many people living near Delaware had cancer. Biden lived in Claymont, Delaware, during his childhood. There are oil refineries in this area. Biden spoke at an event on global warming and emissions from oil refineries.

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