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Jaya Bachchan warns BJP, says your bad days are going to come very soon

Today, SP MP Jaya Bachchan had a fierce debate with BJP MPs sitting on the Treasury Bench, after which the atmosphere of the Rajya Sabha became a fire. The proceedings of the Upper House had to be adjourned till 5 pm after the uproar. Earlier, Jaya Bachchan got angry on BJP MPs and told very acrimonious things.

Jaya Bachchan stood up to speak on some issue, but during this there was a ruckus in Parliament. On this, Jaya Bachchan got annoyed and pointed towards the BJP MPs and said that if you do not allow us to speak, then you should run the house alone. Jaya Bachchan was so angry that she started gasping and was holding her breath. Because of this, he also had to stop for a few moments.

Jaya Bachchan said that what is happening in the house is very sad. Targeting the government, he said that your bad days are going to come very soon, for this you have a warning from my side. He said that if you do not have any respect for your colleagues, then throttle us, you are not letting us speak. Appealing to the chair, Jaya said that abusive words were used against me and my career and action should be taken against such members.

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