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IT raid at former NSE CEO who took decisions at the behest of ' Yogi'

The Income Tax Department on Thursday raided the premises of former NSE CEO Chitra Ramakrishna. She is accused of sharing secret information related to NSE with unknown people, due to which she got illegal financial benefits. Recently, SEBI had also imposed a fine of Rs 3 crore on him. The fine was imposed because of irregularities found in the appointment of Anand Subramaniam as Chief Strategic Officer.

According to reports, Chitra Ramakrishna had said that she did this at the behest of a 'yogi', who lives in the Himalayas. According to the information, raids have also been conducted at the place of Group Operating Officer / Chief Strategy Officer Anand Subramaniam.Let us tell you that NSE is the largest stock market in India, in which 49 crore transactions take place daily. The one day turnover of NSE is 64 thousand crores. Every day a large number of investors trade on this market.

For many years, such a huge stock market was going on at the command of an yogi, everyone was shocked to know the truth. There were three main characters in this entire game. The first and most important character is Chitra Ramakrishna, former CEO of NSE. The second character is Anand Subramanian, who enjoys the job on his own terms. The third character is an invisible yogi, who reportedly wanders in the Himalayas and is a perfect man according to Chitra. Chitra was the CEO of NSE from 2013 to 2016 and during this time all the big and small decisions of the stock market were being done at the behest of unknown yogi. Many believe that Subramaniam is the yogi and thus he was controlling Chitra in his own way. NSE has also made this argument in the plea submitted to SEBI and has cited the opinion of experts on human behavior. However, SEBI did not accept this allegation to be true.

In 2013, Chitra Ramakrishna, the then CEO and MD of NSE, hired Anand Subramaniam as the Chief Strategy Officer.There was no such post in NSE earlier. Anand Subramaniam was working in the government company Balmer Lawrie before joining NSE and his salary was Rs 15 lakh. In NSE, he was given a package of Rs 1.38 crore, increasing more than 9 times. After this he got continuous promotion and he became Group Operating Officer. Chitra also exempted Anand from coming to office for 5 days. He had to come to the office only for 3 days. Chitra took all these decisions at the behest of a yogi, whom she used to contact through email. Chitra also used to send mail to yogi. According to reports, Chitra told SEBI about Yogi that he has no body and he can take any form of his wish.

He is a spiritual force, who roams in the Himalayas. Chitra used to communicate by sending an email. She even sent sensitive and confidential information to the NSE to this email. The information given by Chitra to the Yogi includes financial projection for the next 5 years, dividend pay-out ratio, business plan, agenda of the board meeting of NSE, reviews and appraisal of the work of NSE employees etc. It was Yogi who had told Chitra to keep Anand on the job and on his behest; he was given such a huge salary. Even in an email from Yogi, it has been said about Anand that if there was a chance to be born as a human on earth, then Anand's body would be the best for it.

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