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ISRO begins preparations for Venus mission; Will soon launch a spacecraft

After sending a spacecraft to the Moon and Mars, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is preparing to send a spacecraft to orbit Venus, the hottest planet in the solar system, to see what lies beneath the surface. The purpose of the mission is to discover the secrets under the sulfuric acid clouds surrounding Venus.

The Venus mission has been considered, its project report has been prepared, and funding has been secured, said ISRO President S.K. Somnath said. He appealed to scientists to focus on the effective outcome of this mission.

In his inaugural address, Somnath said, "Since India can plan and carry out the Venus mission, India can complete the mission in a very short time." ISRO plans to complete the mission by December 2024 and keep the spacecraft in orbit around Venus in subsequent years. During these years, the position of Earth and Venus will be such that it will be possible to keep the spacecraft in the orbit of Venus with minimal use of fuel. This type of condition will be available after 2031.

Somnath said experiments in previous missions on Venus should not be repeated and should focus on repeating the same results as during the Chandrayaan-1 and Mars Orbiter missions.

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