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ISLAMOPHOBIA: US Congress passes anti-Islamophobia bill

The US Congress has passed a bill to fight Islamophobia. The bill was introduced by Democratic MP Ilhan Omar. Parliament voted on this. In it, 299 MPs voted in favor of the bill, while 212 MPs voted against it. The bill was passed by a majority in the US Congress. The bill will now need to be approved by the US Senate to become law.

The bill against Islamophobia was introduced in the US Congress in October 2021 by MP Ilhan Omar, who led a group of 30 MPs. Speaking before the vote on the bill, Ilhan Omar said, "We are currently in the midst of a dramatic rise in violence and discrimination against Muslims around the world. Islamophobia is spreading around the world and we must lead the world in how to deal with it. ”

Provisions in the bill introduced by Omar:

1. Establishment of a department to monitor incidents related to Islamophobia and take preventive measures against them.

2. To appoint a special envoy to lead the department.

3. Submission of information on such crimes in Parliament.

Strong opposition to the bill from Republican lawmakers

Meanwhile, when the bill was introduced in the US Congress, Republican MP Scott Perry strongly opposed it. Ilhan Omar, who introduced the bill, was also accused of having links with terrorists. He said "US taxpayers should not be forced to pay money to terrorist organizations to which the lawmakers are affiliated."

Republican MP Lauren Boybert called Ilhan Omar a "second-rate Muslim MP." A video of this was also leaked. Omar was born in Somalia and was a member of the Jihad Squad.

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