Is China on the verge of invading Taiwan?

The world is already witnessing the brutal war between Russia and Ukraine. Now there is another threat where reports suggest that China may invade Taiwan.

In January, the Chinese Ambassador to the US said that there could be a potential "military conflict" between China and Taiwan. In a TV interview, Ambassador noted that: "if the Taiwanese authorities, emboldened by the United States, keep going on the road for independence, it will most likely involve China and the United States, two big countries, in a conflict."

Last month, China continued its military build-up in the region, equipping at least three islands in the disputed areas of the South China Sea with anti-aircraft missile systems, fighter jets, and jamming equipment.

The Taiwanese military has issued its first official war survival handbook for its citizens. The book is 29 pages, and instructions have been given on preparing for or responding to the Chinese invasion. It is similar to that of the Ukraine war survival book. The book also provides information about how to detect bomb shelters via smartphone apps, prepare first aid kits, and distinguish between air sirens and other information related to mobilization. The handbook also includes scannable QR codes and large graphics and images about how to get the government's messages across.

Taiwan's Military of National Defence has described the handbook as " a solid ground for our local governments to instruct citizens on what to do when there are emergencies which include disasters and military assaults too." this handbook comes as a part of Taiwan's recent efforts to boost its resilience against national security threats, which is particularly important as China has increased its military and diplomatic pressure in the region.

As the world is witnessing the Russia Ukraine war, this news comes as a shocker.

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