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Indian Embassy Ukraine: Important Notice Issued by Indian Embassy during Ukraine Crisis

Indian Embassy Ukraine: An important notice has been issued by the Indian Embassy during the Ukraine-Russia tensions. It said India was keeping a close eye on the situation.

Tensions remain high in Ukraine over the possibility of Russian military action. Despite reports that Russia has ordered the withdrawal of some of its troops from the base, the situation has not improved. In this context, a notice has now been issued by the Indian Embassy. It said India was keeping a close eye on the situation.

Attempts to increase the number of aircraft:

According to the instructions given by the Indian Embassy in Ukraine, many Indian students are in Ukraine. The families of all these students and Indian nationals admitted to Ukraine for other reasons are concerned. Everyone is waiting for an Indian flight for release and trying to find out. Discussions are underway with all airlines and aviation authorities for this. Efforts are underway to increase the number of flights between Ukraine and India, the embassy said.

An emergency control room for Indian nationals has also been set up at the embassy. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also trying to address the concerns of the families of citizens living in Ukraine. India is trying its best to help its citizens.

Improving the situation in Ukraine?

The situation appears to have worsened after Russia deployed troops on the Ukrainian border. It also paints a picture of two world powers, the United States and Russia, facing each other. Leaders of both the countries also gave loud speeches. Russia announced on February 15 that it was sending troops back to its base, amid fears that the two countries would clash over Ukraine. Russia has said it never intended to invade Ukraine.

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