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India's Harnaj Sandhu becomes Miss Universe

India's Harnaj Sandhu becomes Miss Universe;

Won everyone's heart by giving a very beautiful answer to a difficult question.

Harnaaz Sandhu, who had the opportunity to represent India in the world's largest beauty pageant, has made gold. Today, Harnaz has become the standard bearer of Miss Universe 2021 by winning the biggest beauty pageant in the world. The competition, which was held in Israel, is of great importance in the world of fashion and beauty.

After 21 years, this Miss Universe crown has been brought back to India by Harnaj. The 70th Miss Universe pageant was held on December 12 in the southern Israeli city of Ilat. Harnaj Sandhu from India participated in the competition to compete with beautiful girls from all over the world. In the final round of the competition, she was asked a question and the answer to that question earned her the title of Miss Universe.

Many people think that climate change is a big problem, what do you think about it? Such a question was asked. "Climate change is a serious issue and I am concerned about it. It needs to be addressed. It is all due to our negligence. What you do can save the environment," Harnaz said.

India's Harnaj Sandhu becomes Miss Universe; Answered this question and won the championship.

Wedding fun costing Navradeva-Navri dearly; The swinging rope broke while entering the stage

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Examiners have declared her the winner because of this answer. Meanwhile, the book was released by actress Lara Dutta in 2000.

After 21 years, Harnaj has brought the crown of 'Miss Universe' to India. Harnaz has won the Miss Universe title, beating competitors from Paraguay and South Africa.

Former Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza of Mexico has given her crown to Harnaz.

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