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India raises concern at UNSC over biological activities in Ukraine

Amid the surging Russia-Ukraine crisis with the possibility of war turning into a biological war, India on Friday took a firm stand and claimed that it is the need of an hour to ensure the effective execution of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC) in a letter after some sought of biological activities are suspected in Ukraine.

India's Permanent Representative to the United Nations General Assembly T.S. Tirumurti claimed this as many allegations are made by Moscow regarding the biological programs by U.S. He Further said that in this context we would like to highlight the importance attached to India to the BTWC (Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention) a key convention prohibiting an entire category of weapons of mass destruction.

India's representative also said that the matters about the convention of BTWC should be addressed immediately through consultation and cooperation between the parties. "Additionally it is more important to eloquently implement the BTWC in letter and spirit," said he.

We are continuously hoping to see the ongoing crisis settle down through negotiation and the ongoing hostilities come to an end through peaceful talk between Russia and Ukraine.

T.S. Tirumurti again remarked that diplomacy and dialogue between the two disputed parties is the only alternative to reduce the tensions. "The terrible humanitarian problem needs timely and urgent attention. We once again reckon the member states to abide by and respect the principle of the UN charter and international sovereignty and integrity of States

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