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INDIA AT THE ENDEMIC STAGE? What does Researchers say?

United Kingdom and California has taken a new approach to deal with covid-19, UK says no isolation is needed even after getting affected with covid-19 while California declares being indoor isn't a good solution, new variants must be searched out timely.

Article released by The Indian Express says, An infection is said to be endemic when the number of infected people becomes fixed in any particular area hence, pathogen causing the disease-SARS-COV-2 is not likely to affect broader part of any geographical location. Therefore, " endemic means that the virus will continue circulating in the population and there will be periodic ups and downs when the conditions are favourable to the virus and less favourable to humans. Take for example, flu which goes up in the winters and when the season is changing because of lower immunity in the people or dengue which goes up after monsoons because of the availability of vectors. Covid-19 also may become seasonal and cause disease in the vulnerable," said Dr. Pramod Grag, Director, Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI) Faridabad.

"The Virus becoming endemic is likely but the pattern that it will take is hard to predict", says Angela Rasnussen, a Virologist from Georgetown University.

"The Virus is probably going to have to go through lots of mutations to make a vaccine ineffective" said Lavigne.

"I would expect that over many years accumulated mutations to SARS-COV-2 will more completely erode neutralizing antibody immunity as we saw for COV-229E, although I can't say for sure how the rates will compare among the two coronaviruses" says Bloom, a researcher.

Several studies also shows that the stability of SARS-COV-2 will also depend upon its spread among wild animals as the past record directs. For example yellow fever, Ebola, and chikunyunya virus.

"There is no disease in the history of human kind that has disappeared from the face of the earth when zoonotic disease was such an important part of, or played a role in, the transmission" says Osterholm.

"We need to maintain high levels of testing and ensure that the cases get reported. Testing is quite less in smaller cities and villages and with home testing becoming available even in bigger cities like Delhi, people are reporting if they test positive.

He said "It is not always about the numbers during the peak of a wave, a lot of sequencing makes no sense. It is more important in a period of full. That is the time to not relax".

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