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In Hyderabad, a woman was Blackmailed and gang-raped .

A woman has been gang-raped in Hyderabad by two men who threatened to expose her extramarital affair. The woman and her partner have attempted suicide.

they used pesticides to escape from the blackmail of gang rape accused.

The incident took place on December 13 in SR Nagar, Hyderabad. The woman survived an attempted suicide on December 17 and a case has been registered against 2 man.

The accused live next door to the woman's house. they raped the woman and then the woman and her partner attempted suicide. Both accused have been taken into custody.

The construction worker had an affair with a colleague. When she went out to meet him on December 13, the accused stopped them and threatened to reveal their love affair to the family.

Police said the accused took her to an empty room where the two raped her. The next day, the victim and her accomplice went to a secluded spot and decided to end their lives, police said.

The woman's partner informed a family member that she had consumed pesticides before falling unconscious after consuming the poison. The family members found him and rushed him to the hospital for medical treatment.

When the woman was acquitted on Friday, she reported the sexual assault to police. The accused were later arrested on charges of rape rape.

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