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In France, provocative speeches by Muslim imams support violence and jihad, French government closes

Authorities have closed a mosque in northern France, saying the imam was using his speech to incite anti-Christian, ANTI-LGBT community.

The government has taken stern action against those who spread hatred through religious speeches by attacking fundamentalism. This religious place has been blocked by the government. The incident took place in France.

France has been facing Islamic extremism for many years. It has been alleged that the imam of a mosque in the north of the country tried to spread hatred in his speech and also supported jihad. The mosque is located in the Beavis area, about 100 km from the capital Paris. Following the operation, the mosque will remain closed for the next six months.

Officials say the imam used his speech to incite hatred and violence. He also said that the imam was using his speech to incite anti-Christian, anti-gay and anti-Semitic sentiments. Officials also say the Muslim imam is spreading violence, calling jihadists "heroes" and non-Muslims "enemies."

Remarkably, the process of closing the mosque concerned was started by Home Minister Gerald Darminan two weeks ago. The imam of the mosque had recently converted to Islam.

On the other hand, the organization that maintains the mosque has taken a stand against the decision in the court. The group also said that the accused imam had been giving speeches at the mosque from time to time and that he had been suspended.

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