If Ukraine-Russia war breaks out,it will not last for two or three countries-Indian defense minister

Mumbai, 23rd Feb: Defense Minister of India Rajnath Singh has made a big statement today on the Ukraine crisis. This has increased anxiety. Rajnath Singh has warned that if Russia-Ukraine war breaks out, its scope could be very large.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has made a big statement. If there is a war between the two countries, the issue will not be between two or three countries, said Rajnath. India's role is to find a negotiated solution to the Ukraine dispute. Russia and Ukraine should discuss, India is on this side (rajnath singh on ukraine crisis). "We are of the view that this issue should be resolved through discussion," he said. He also added that the international community is also working in this direction. In particular, tensions between the two countries have been steadily rising.

The situation of war or the tension created by war is not suitable for the current world situation. If there is a war, this issue will not be limited to 2 or 3 countries. As far as we know, the way is being opened for talks between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two leaders will hold talks soon. President Biden has agreed to the talks, Rajnath Singh said. There could be talks between Biden and Putin. But the White House said Monday that Russia should not invade Ukraine.

It is mentionable that world's 4th largest military power India is a member of U.S supported 'QUAD' Group but on Ukraine issue India is keeping it's neutral stand. Geopolitical expert Prof. D.B Biswas thinks, "As Russia is the largest military equipment supplier of India and both the countries have old and tested friendship so it's very difficult to India to go in favour of West, On contrary during the Obama and Trump's regime relation between U.S and India became stronger.

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