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IED bomb found in Delhi

Who put it? Shocking information came to the fore

The discovery of an IED bomb in a bag in the Ghazipur area of ​​Delhi has caused a stir.

The plot was to carry out a bomb blast in Delhi.

Reiki and bombed Ghazipur.

Important threads fell into the hands of the police.

An atmosphere of terror has once again prevailed in Delhi. A single commotion has erupted today after an IED bomb was found in a bag at Ghazipur Flower Market. Preliminary investigations have revealed that the investigation into the case has been speeded up and a bomb blast was planned in Delhi and the bomb was planted by Reiki.

An unattended bag was found outside gate number one of Ghazipur Flower Market in Delhi today. Upon receiving the information, police, bomb detectors and fire brigade immediately rushed to the spot. The NSG team was also called after that. An investigation by the bomb squad revealed that the bag contained an IED bomb. The bag was then taken to a secluded spot and a controlled IED was detonated in a pit. Taking timely steps in this regard averted a major catastrophe. Since then, the most important question is who planted the bomb, and the police and other agencies are investigating on a war footing.

A preliminary police investigation has revealed that the bombing was planned. Evidence also shows that the bomb was planted after conducting a Reiki operation in the area. There is a CCTV camera at the main entrance of the market. It is alleged that the bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of a police station. Police have seized CCTV footage near gate number one, which could lead to important clues.

The bag contained three kilograms of RDX and ammonium nitrate. It also had a timer. Had the blast occurred, there would have been a large number of casualties. That is why an investigation is being carried out considering the possibility of an assassination plot. A forensic team had also reached the spot. The NSG is also investigating the matter.

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